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maybe i'm a lion

Gaignun Kukai, Jr.
6 June
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Name: Rubedo (Junior).

Age: 26 (appears 12)

Special Abilities: The Red Dragon, as well as manipulation of his body's cells to halt his growth. He's also the leader of the now fallen URTVs and possesses the wavelength to supposedly counteract U-DO. He can also telepathically communicate with the other URTVs.

Personality: Although he is 26, he has the mentality of a teenager (only having been alive for 16 years). He can sometimes make rash and hasty decisions without much thought, but also holds a great amount of wit and knowledge. His temper can easily go off at times, but he normally keeps this under a reasonable control.

History: Junior, born as URTV Unit 666 "Rubedo", was cloned from Dmitri Yuriev in approximately T.C. 4741. Dmitri cloned himself a total of 669 times, but only 4 units were genetically mutated and dubbed "variants". The other 665 units criticised the mutants for being such. Rubedo was the leader of the URTVs, given that he supposedly possessed the perfect anti-U-DO wavelength. He was born conjoined to number 667, Albedo.

During the Miltian Conflict, which occurred 12 years later, most of the URTVs perished, due to Rubedo severing the Spiritual Link with his brothers. He did this out of fear for his own life and the lives of the other units. Nigredo (#669) was severely wounded by Albedo, who fell to U-DO as well, and created a space-time anomaly that consisted of two black holes, later referred to as the Abyss.

He is still unaware of Yuriev's consciousness shift into Nigredo.

Ties to other characters: Albedo was his conjoined twin. Like Junior, Albedo can also manipulate his cells by regeneration. His and Junior's powers are similar in the light that they can both attain a sort of immortality. Nigredo, now Gaignun Kukai, runs the Kukai Foundation along with Junior in present-day. Dmitri Yuriev is his "father" of sorts, believed to have lived over hundreds of years and now resides within his new vessel, Nigredo.